Advertising Your Message To Your Target Market Within Budget! Can It Be Done?

Promo Product That Works

Every business owner, marketing manager and market strategist agree that brand awareness in any industry will give that business a competitive edge. Brand awareness accomplishes several important objectives for those seeking to increase sales and acquire new customers, but how to achieve it? … read on!

AAC Customer Service Representatives are often asked what promotional product works best for advertising a message or promoting a brand. This is an incredibility tough question to answer because it depends on so many different factors. For instance; what is the message, what is the target market, what is the budget, where will it be seen etc.

If the objective is to promote a cause to school children, but on a tight budget, then AAC might suggest using a silicon wristband with the message and brand printed so it can be easily seen. Many customers who use silicon wristbands tell AAC that their customers will keep their wristbands as a keepsake and as a general reminder of the cause.  

The objective of a brand awareness campaign may be to provide long term ongoing exposure that will prompt an enquiry at the right time. For this purpose, AAC will often recommend displaying the message and brand on a custom water bottle or similar product that will be used by the recipient again and again.  This type of Promotional Product use is a great long-term advertising and brand awareness tool, and extremely cost effective.

Why are promotional products a great solution to build brand awareness?

Promotional products are simply one of the most cost effective advertising tools available and by using the item correctly, they will help to build customer awareness of the company, promote a website or message etc, and add value to the recipient. The beauty of them is that they are used regularly and provide exceptional exposure. Using a promotional product like a customised silicon wristband or a water bottle will help to create awareness, but it is also imperative that the information used to brand the item is compelling and clear.

A national based recruitment company recently used AA Cpromotional products including pens and compendiums to add value to their clients who are looking for employment. The products serve to promote the customers brand and corporate message because it will be used repeatedly.

There are many product options to choose from and it can at times seem overwhelming. For this reason AAC works with customers to determine a solution. If you can think it then AAC will brand it! Contact an AAC Customer Service Representative today and let them help you with best brand awareness solutions for your business.

Below are some of the factors AAC will consider when proposing a custom product to build your brand:

Get the target market right

First and foremost every business should always target their desired customer base, rather than take an “everything to everyone” approach. The business can then more easily assess what it needs to do to increase awareness. Example -  a customer awareness strategy will focus on different audiences depending on if the promotional product will be used at an festival, a bar or fundraising event. In each case, the strategy should always be to use different promotional products for each situation. Using a brand awareness tool is all part of building long-term customer awareness. How can you build customer awareness using a promotional product? Ask an AAC Customer Service Representative today and let them help you to provide the best brand awareness solutions for your business.

Utilise all marketing channels

We all know that good website will help to create a loyal customer base. But how do you promote your website to a wider audience within a marketing budget and without much effort? By using promotional products that appeal to the recipient. By placing your website address, facebook profile, a QR code etc plus a call to action on a promotional product will lead the product recipient to visit you online. Gyms use branded  identification and promotional products like custom printed swipe cards, water bottles and gym bags  to increase membership by advertising the website with a message like ‘Get fit for just $6 a week’ or similar.

You Must Add Value

Brand awareness will give a business the ‘edge’ ensuring the customer is continually aware of the ‘extra’ value your company will offer. This is why it is so important to consider what you want to advertise and how! Using the correct promotional product for the correct situation is also vitally important.

AAC ID Solutions are dedicated to helping our clients develop brand awareness through correct use of promotional products. Contact an AAC Customer Service Representative today and let them help you to provide the best brand awareness solutions for your business.

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