Awesome matrix laminates - accreditation for pro's!


More and more, events and, especially, festivals, are gravitating to the use of matrix laminates for their accreditation. For a variety of reasons, wristbands are not necessary when identifying artists, crew and VIPs at big events; accreditation at the end of the lanyard allows for quick, easy identification, as well as a variety of additional security features.


The cheap and cheerful option for backstage accreditation is the simple ID card. Hole punched and attached to a lanyard, this provides basic identification and can still incorporate barcodes, variable data etc. The limitations are that the normal ID card is quite small, and does not create the 'wow' factor that is possible with a matrix laminate.


Matrix laminates are larger than traditional ID cards and can incorporate some exciting features such as foil stamping to really create a unique final product. The use of foil stamping ensures that your laminate cannot be replicated. Contained within a sealed plastic pouch, matrix laminates provide the ultimate in event accreditation.

Posted By Stuart on Monday 21st January 2013 @ 15:24:46

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