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Throughout Australia, festivals, public events and ceremonies serve an important function in helping individuals, groups and families to celebrate and interact.

If organised correctly, successful public events can provide a range of social, economic and cultural benefits to the community.

As participation in public events has become a big part of modern life, there is an expectation that the events will be enjoyable, well organised and most of all, safe. Normally the responsibility for this outcome lies with the Event Manager and/or the event organising committee.

Alcohol is often included as part of the festivities at many public events. The Event Manager must be fully aware that the provision and consumption of alcohol will be carefully considered when organising an event. Ineffective alcohol management, particularly irresponsible serving practices, can create risks for staff, event patrons and attendees.

Experience has shown that the management of a successful event requires detailed planning. The main issues to consider include planning processes, management of alcohol, promotion and media strategies, entertainment considerations, entry and exit plans, security systems, medical care and crowd control.Although a comprehensive event planning process cannot guarantee a problem-free event, the involvement of key stakeholders like AAC ID Solutions and the commitment of adequate and suitable resources like event Identification and Access Control can greatly reduce the potential for concern.


Such planning can also enhance the ability of event managers to effectively respond to any problem that may occur.


Why the fuss when alcohol is available at events?


The provision and consumption of alcohol at festivals or events creates the greatest risk to event patrons, staff, and the public’s safety. Poorly managed alcohol consumption can make problems worse to the point where the event is neither safe nor successful for patrons, staff or organisers.


It is extremely important that an event manager develop and implement a range of strategies that prevent or reduce the harm and risk associated with the provision and consumption of alcohol.


Safe Alcohol Strategies:

  • Collaborative planning processes
  • Cooperation with relevant government departments, councils and community agencies
  • Fully trained event staff and security personnel
  • An understanding of safe crowd management strategies
  • Use of Identification Products such as custom printed Wristbands to identify underage patrons, or those 18 and over

The correct management of alcohol consumption at an event is a major part of the management process and must be planned with harm minimisation strategies in place well before the event takes place.


What are the benefits of a successful and safe event?


Despite the many roles and responsibilities that must be assumed, planning and managing public events and festivals can provide event managers with immense personal satisfaction,  exciting opportunities, and economic return. Comprehensive planning and the completion of an Event Management Plan will provide the best chance to conduct a safe and successful event and create further benefits for the event manager.


Benefits Include:

  • Efficient movement of patrons throughout the venue thus making the event more enjoyable for all involved
  • Happy patrons leading to fewer incidents. This will in turn reduce the costs of security, cleaning and repairs
  • Quick responses to unplanned incidents thereby creating a more secure environment for patrons
  • Long term sustainability from the widespread support of patrons, staff and the local community

Event Promotion and Ticketing


Event promotion can set the tone of the event before patrons even arrive. A clear and well sequenced promotion strategy can significantly influence the expectations and subsequent behaviour of patrons. Pre-event messages should clarify the focus of the event, the restrictions on the provision and consumption of alcohol, safe drinking practices, food options, entertainment and transport.


The use of promotional product will help event managers to relay a message and promote the event through brand awareness. The ticketing process is particularly important as organisers may choose to structure the ticketing so that they can predict and control the crowd size, segment the crowd by using a number of entrances, or stagger crowd arrival by specifying entry times.


The correct use of Wristbands for access control will help organisers control the event from start to finish.  Tickets are also an important means to disseminate quality information to patrons. As well as information provided on each ticket, it may be useful to hand out a separate resource with additional information.


Additional information could include: Attendee restrictions; services and their location; safe drinking information; gate opening and closing times; and personal health and safety warnings, example: . Wear sunscreen (which can be sponsored).




Adequate security arrangements are a major factor in the success of an event and the number focus of any organiser. A risk assessment of the event will indicate the type and level of security required. This entails examining the possible security concerns of the event in terms of ‘what could happen?’ and ‘what if?,’ remembering that different events will have different requirements depending on the type of event, the site, number of patrons, and the expectations of the crowd.


At any event there are likely to be prohibited items. Patrons need to know in advance that certain items are not to be brought to the event. Use of a Custom Printed Plastic or Vinyl Wristband as a ticket is a great way of providing this type of quality information to patrons. The wristband can also include a bar-code and variable data.


Management of Alcohol - Responsible service of alcohol


Under the Liquor Act 1992 it is an offence to sell liquor to, supply liquor to, allow liquor to be supplied to or consumed by a person who is under 18 years of age, or who is unduly intoxicated or disorderly.


Organisers should make their staff aware of what is expected of them regarding the responsible service of alcohol as both managers and staff can be held liable for offences committed. The maximum penalty for a nominee/manager is $18,750 and $3,000 for bar staff. The use of custom printed Tyvek Wristbands is an safe, secure and ideal way of ensuring that only people over 18 will be consuming alcohol.


The dedicated staff at AAC ID Solutions will provide an Identification and Promotional Product solution for your next event. AAC work with many of the leading event and festival organisers throughout Australia.


Let an AAC Customer Service Representatives help you to get a plan on paper today.

Source: Information used in this article taken from: http://www.olgr.qld.gov.au/resources

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