Fundraising With A Wristband?


There are a lot of causes which are close to many of us, including the Staff at AAC ID Solutions; they might be child rights (The Daniel Morcombe Foundation Inc - Foundation Red), breast cancer awareness (The Cancer Council), the environment (GreenPeace), or animal rights (RSPCA). It doesn't matter what the cause is, it's all about the dedication and the heart you have.

The Amazing Fundraising Tool

In order to support the cause or the organisation, many of us donate money or we do volunteer work. However the most important part for our cause or organisation is that they require funds to go ahead with their vital work. So how to raise money as well as spread the message about the cause?

Selling customised wristbands is an amazing way to raise funds and its a great way to spread that important message. AAC ID Solutions will provide you with different designs and styles. We also offer great discounts and other brilliant promotional ideas for fundraising. For instance, the cost of individual wristbands will come down if you increase the number of your band orders. So the more you order the more money you save! So once you have the amount sorted, it's time to choose the design.

AAC make it easy to select a colour depending upon the cause. For instance, if it's for cancer, choose yellow. If it is breast cancer then the colour pink. Make sure that the wristbands carry a message over it (or at least the organisation name). The message must be short and very catchy (but simple); here are some examples; Support Child Rights, Fight Child Abuse, Support Animal Rights, Cancer or Breast Cancer Awareness, etc.

The Strategy

Keep in mind that the number of wristbands you order should depend upon the amount of funds you need to raise as well as the target group. Once you get your silicone wristbands, it's time to get the word out and ask people to purchase them.

Make use of the many social network sites available to spread the message fast, create a press release, provide and post fliers, contact schools, shopping centres (with permission), etc. Ask your volunteer teams to carry the wristbands with them, as you won't know who will be interested and when. If you have a website make sure you mention your wristbands and the fundraising which is going on. As silicone wristbands are considered to be fashion statement, AAC are confident they will sell like hot cakes.

Require a solution for your next fundraiser? Contact AAC ID Solutions and let us help you get a strategy on paper today.

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AAC ID Solutions General Manager Stuart Blott recently visited the Queensland Museum with his children. One exhibition that caught his eye was Collectomania.
The exhibition highlights a very human passion – collecting fascinating things, which is often fuelled by a desire to find the next perfect addition.
Everything from mowers, neon signs and even a collection of fingernails are among the weird and wonderful objects featured. Included was someone who collected festival related wristbands and accreditation – of which the majority of them were produced by AAC ID Solutions!Included in the collection is 19mm Tyvek wristbands, 25 mm Tyvek wristbands, custom printed lanyards, ID wallets, plastic/PVC printed ID cards, and woven custom printed wristbands.
The entire exhibition is worth checking out. It’s amazing what people will collect!

The exhibition really does highlight a very human passion – collecting fascinating things, which is often fuelled by a desire to find the next perfect addition.


PHONE : 000000000

Posted By AACID on Tuesday 11th June 2013 @ 10:49:42

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