The Right Promotional Product is Important!

Using the right promotional products for the job is incredibly important. Many business owners look at promotional products as a throw away item and something not worth investing much in, or if at all.


Buying the cheapest product you can get your hands on could backfire and end up losing you money when the objective of promotional products is to create awareness, and in turn, gain customers. You also want to retain the customers you have.


By holistically looking at the big picture and really knowing who your target market is goes a long way to helping you choose the right promotional product for the job.


Fitness clubs and gyms will offer a custom printed back pack full of useful products like sports water bottles that their customers can use again and again. The bags also act as a billboard by advertising to a larger audience once the gym member has left. Many fitness clubs and gyms can offer their new members a welcome pack including back pack, towel, water bottle, headphones etc. The cost to the fitness club or gym can be as little as $18 but advertised as worth $200. Promotional products can also be sold to existing members to generate income for the business. Recently, an AAC customer purchased custom printed compact umbrellas to give away to members only at a race day (in case it rained). Each umbrella was custom printed with a logo and came in an assortment of colours and proved to be very popular.


By using the right promotional product for the job you are also adding the important element of marketing and branding opportunities to the mix. Advertising your logo, tag-line or message is vital to educating future customers about what you have to offer in the way of services or products etc. Simply adding your logo to a water bottle may not offer a prospect a reason to visit you. But by offering a message and website address will entice a visit by a prospective customer.


Wristbands that Promote your Message


There are many promotional products on the market to choose from, so many in fact, if we listed them here, you may be reading for the next few hours, or maybe days. We often say ‘ if you can think it, AAC will get it for you, and then custom brand it’! The sky really is the limit when it comes to a product that will do the right job for your requirements. AAC customer service representatives have many years combined experienced offering product solutions for our customers (and we’re good at it too) so if you have an idea, contact us and let us do the leg work for you.


One amazing promotional product that is often overlooked is the silicone wristbands range. The reason I say range is because there is a wide assortment of wrist bands available including different colours, single colours, multiple colours, marble, glow in the dark, different sizes, debossed, embossed, ink filled, and printed.


Not-For-Profit and fundraising organisations actively use the silicone wristband to promote their message plus they are able to sell the bands to raise well needed funds. The wristbands are always popular and customers will wear the wristband helping to spread the message to a wider audience.


A new technology making waves amongst the wristband fraternity is the RFID silicone wristband. Imagine if you will a wristband that will offer a cashless point of sale option, maybe keyless locker entry at a theme park, access control and security, counterfeit prevention, customer loyalty and VIP programs, and social media integration etc. 


Promotional Products that you can Brand!


Once again, the sky really is the limit, and only limited by your imagination (and budget). If you’re an aquatic centre, you could consider branded tote bags or a back pack. If you’re a retail shop, you should look at promotional shopping bags. Maybe you have a stall at an expo? Then you should be providing branded pens or USB sticks to passer-bys? Branded sports water bottles or custom printed sun-visors are very practical promotional products if you are running an outdoor event or similar. There are a wide range of universally useful promotional products such as the popular key ring or cap. If you’re stuck for an idea or require a solution contact AAC and let us help you today.


Traditional Advertising vs. Promotional Products


Think about this for a moment – The traditional forms of advertising such as sponsorships, newspaper or radio adverts are over in a matter of seconds. They really leave no long term physical element behind with your potential customer. Promotional products are an ongoing, permanent and constant reminder of your brand and /or message. A potential customer will take products with them and use them for months to come (as long as you use the correct promotional product for the job). Promotional products therefore have much longer lasting advertising and marketing benefits than ‘old school’ advertising.


Creative ways to use Promotional products


It’s a no-brainer plus there is research (yes someone somewhere got paid to research promotional products) that indicates the most successful product campaigns involve a strong element of creativity. You want your product and brand to stand out from the crowd with an innovative, catchy promotional campaign so you must use the right product and use it well. How about adding a memorable or ‘catchy’ slogan that will entertain the receiver (of the product). This will also increase the chance of the custom branded product being shared with others. Giving a promotional product away in a surprising context is another strategy to consider. Combining multiple promotional products (e.g. branded water bottle given inside a branded back pack) is another source of creativity.


AAC ID Solutions have the answer – just ask!


It’s what we do, offer solutions for your promotional product requirements. Whether you’re a golf club or an aquatic centre, a school or a festival, AAC will source the right promotional product for the job ensuring that your brand stays top of mind with your current and prospective customers for a long-time to come. 


If you’re stuck for an idea or require a solution contact AAC and let us help you today.

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