4 Reasons to use Promotional Lanyards

If your business is considering a promotional lanyard for your next event, trade show, or for your customer-facing staff to wear, then you may find it can be a great tool for:

1. Promoting your Brand

The print area on a 15mm or 20mm lanyard is an optimal size for promoting your brand, logo, event or message to the wearers. Basic polyester lanyards can be created in any colour you want, and you can print your brand over the top to make it unique.

Or if you are looking to make a big impact, you will more likely be looking for Heat Sublimated Printed lanyards which can provide a full colour, digital quality print on both sides. If visiting a trade show, these definitely can catch your customer’s eye, or at an event it creates a professional and high quality impression of your business.

2. A Practical ID Tool

A primary reason you would use a lanyard is to display the identification details of the wearer. This can be done by attaching plastic ID cards, or plastic pockets that can hold a business card or name badge. You may then want to consider using a Alligator Clip attachment.

3. A Customer Gift

Another idea is to use lanyards as a gift for customers and visitors. With a unique attachment such as swivel hook that can hold keys, a mobile phone, or a water bottle, these have a good chance of being kept and worn multiple times.

You just need to remember that along with an attractive design, you also need to incorporate your company name, phone number and website.

4. A Cost Effective Promotion Option

If you compare lanyards to other promotional products, lanyards are a very affordable alternative, especially if you buy more than 500. If you are looking for a cheap lanyard but you still want excellent brand awareness, then you can opt for the 15mm polyester lanyard.

These are also great for companies who need to provide lanyards for their staff for identification and/ or security. The polyester lanyard is comfortable, durable and transferrable to team members. You only need to create a new ID for each wearer and attach it to the lanyard

Posted By Stuart on Friday 15th July 2016 @ 13:35:32

Updated : Friday 15th July 2016 @ 18:45:01 | Words : 367 | Views : 911 | Comments : 0


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4 Reasons to use Promotional Lanyards

If your business is considering a promotional lanyard for your next event, trade show, or . . .

Posted By Stuart on Friday 15th July 2016

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