Custom Dog Leads - a lanyard, but longer!

Custom Dog Lead

For businesses working within the pet-industry, custom dog leads represent a lucrative way to generate revenue and promote a brand.

Custom dog leads are basically a longer and thicker version of a lanyard, with a sturdier attachment at the end, and a handle. Whilst very simple, they represent an incredible branding opportunity and revenue earner for pet stores, vets, pet clinics and online pet supply shops.

Generating revenue

When purchased in quantities above 1,000 units, custom dog leads can cost as little as $3.60 per unit. When sold in a shop or clinic for upwards of $10, this represents an excellent return on investment. Selling 1,000 per year generates more than $6,000 in additional profit.

Promoting your brand

Even as a free giveaway, custom dog leads represent excellent value for money. Owners of pets mingle and socialise often, whether going for a walk or at the dog park/dog beach. Exposing your brand on the dog lead amongst this target market provides an exceptional opportunity to increase brand awareness and potentially attract new customers. Ensure your company name, phone number and website are prominantly displayed, ideally with a light on dark or dark on light colour scheme.

Dog leads can be created in any colour you like, any length, any width and in polyester, nylon or woven materials. A carabiner attachment is most popular as it provides a strong clip.

Talk to AAC about custom dog leads today.

Posted By Stuart on Friday 31st August 2012 @ 10:10:23

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