Lanyards - Plain vs. Custom!

Brand Well With A Custom Lanyard

If you’re buying a lanyard you get a piece of material that looks kind of like a bootlace with a hook on the end right?

Far from it! A lanyard is not just a lanyard any more people… read on and be amazed!

Lanyards come in all shapes and sizes with different connections plus you can buy green lanyards, a blue lanyard, a purple one (tell us what you want and we’ll get the lanyard in that colour…), and then you have the option to have it custom printed. Wow, your lanyard is now a brilliant marketing tool and you don’t even need to pay it a wage or feed it, it will basically keep on marketing your logo or message to a waiting audience. Is that super cool or what? The humble lanyard has now been transformed into a mega-cool identification card holder. You can even put a picture or photo on a lanyard if you really want.

While the plain lanyard is great, a custom lanyard will provide a wealth of benefits over the plain one:

Security benefits – Plain vs. Custom Lanyards

The number one concern at all events, festivals, conferences, and venues is of course security.

A plain lanyard can be copied! By utilising a custom lanyard, you can remove this concern, as the lanyard will contain a logo and content such as a message, as required, and may even include the date of the event.

Branding - Plain vs. Custom Lanyards

The lanyard really is the branding icon! Use the lanyard as a blank canvas and promote your business. This also provides a more professional appearance that suggests you have invested more time and effort on thinking about your event.

The Lanyard That Keeps On Giving

A branded, custom lanyard will be ideal for repeat usage at events, exhibitions, conferences, meetings, venue security and more. Many of your customers can use the lanyard for other applications such as connecting to their gym access card or staff access swipe card. A lanyard really will keep on giving!

Custom lanyards also refer to the ability to change the attachments as per your requirements. There are literally thousands of combinations of colour, lanyard material, lanyard attachments and ID accessories that can be incorporated including ID wallets, ID cards, mobile phone holder attachments and much more. A custom lanyard will be 100% unique to your organisation and your next event.

Contact AAC ID Solutions today and enquire about the extensive range of plain and custom lanyards on offer.

Posted By AAC on Wednesday 3rd July 2013 @ 13:02:56

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Posted By AAC on Wednesday 3rd July 2013

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