Need Lanyards in a Hurry?


Whether it's an event you're organising or something else,  lanyards are often forgotten about until the last minute. If we had a dollar for every last minute lanyard order we have received, we'd have... a fair few dollars. It does happen regularly, quite simply because there are approximately 1,000 other tasks to be taken care of prior to lanyards being organised.

For just such an occasion, AAC stocks a wide range of plain and pre-printed lanyards in stock which can be dispatched immediately for overnight delivery to most locations. Need something today? Call us and let us know. The TNT next flight service provides the best chance of a same day delivery.

What can you choose from?

The AAC standard range of 12mm bootlace lanyards is available with a safety breakaway and a j-swivel attachment - choose from 14 different colours and order anywhere from 10-10000 lanyards!

Alternatively, save even more money by ordering economy lanyards. Just 5mm thick and available in black, these are functional and will 'get the job done'!.

Pre-printed lanyards have been printed in 3 popular designs, including STAFF, VIP and VISITOR.

For all your last minute lanyard needs, call AAC.

Posted By Stuart on Monday 10th September 2012 @ 12:27:17

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