AAC woven wristbands assisting with festival and event security

Each year more and more festivals and events are added to the Australian entertainment industry. As each major festival, event and concert passes, the ever increasing need for festival security becomes more evident. Each event usually sees between 20 000 - 50 000 participants which often causes logistical headaches for organisers. Identification solutions such as AAC woven wristbands are assisting with security and safety at festivals and large events.

Schoolies on the Gold Coast is an example of a major event where wristbands play a key part in ensuring safety and security. In 2009 around 40,000 AAC woven wristbands were distributed to legitimate school leavers upon proof of school photo ID as part of the Community Safety Response.

Schoolies could collect an official AAC woven wristband from the wristband distribution centre on which was located in the heart of Surfers Paradise or at their hotels through Red Frogs volunteers. During the event, only those wearing the AAC woven wristband were allowed into the free Schoolies Hub on central Surfers Paradise Beach.

Traditionally the over 18's attending the event commonly referred to as "Toolies" have been identified as being the major problem causes. Police and volunteers can more easily monitor "Toolies" as they do not have these wristbands on.

AAC ID Solutions director Robert Borg says "AAC woven wristbands rate high in both types of security measures used to judge security of wristbands, replication and reapplication. Once the woven wristbands are secured on the wrist either through a plastic or metal lock, the wristband cannot be removed unless cut off. As the woven wristbands are made of high quality polyester and woven with unique designs it is virtually impossible to copy".

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Posted By Stuart on Friday 15th July 2016 @ 13:24:51

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