Wristbands to help commemorate ANZAC Day

ANZAC Day is a national day of remembrance for all those who died and served in military operations for Australia and New Zealand. ANZAC Day is held each year on April 25th.

In Australia and New Zealand, Anzac Day commemoration features solemn Dawn Services; a tradition started in Western Australia on 25 April 1923 and now held at war memorials around both countries. The Dawn ceremonies are accompanied by thoughts of those lost at war to the ceremonial sounds of The Last Post on the bugle. The fourth stanza of Laurence Binyon's poem For the Fallen (known as the "Ode of Remembrance") is often recited. Later in the day, ex-servicemen and ex-servicewomen meet and join in marches through the major cities and many smaller centres often with large crowds cheering in support.

AAC ID Solutions have many products which can assist with both remembrance and the activities which surround ANZAC Day. Silicone wristbands have long been a cost effective and popular way to show support for a cause. Silicone wristbands can be customised with messages commonly used on ANZAC Day such as 'Lest we forget' or can even be customised with an RSL name or logo. As silicone wristbands are a popular product with youth, this can be a fantastic way to spread the message and understanding of ANZAC Day.

AAC Tyvek wristbands are another way to show support. AAC has an ANZAC Day wristband which is perfect for use at functions and events. The AAC Tyvek ANZAC Day wristband contains images of a soldier playing 'The Last Post' with some exerts from the 'Ode of Remembrance'. AAC Tyvek is ideal for single day use to help with event security, promotions or awareness.

ANZAC Day is on April 25th and information
on ceremonies and parades can be found on most
local councils websites.

For more information on AAC Tyvek ANZAC Day
Contact AAC ID Solutions

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