Advertising Options - What Works Best?

Have you ever wondered why businesses across the world purchase promotional products such as lanyards, mugs, hats, water bottles etc. when there are so many other advertising options available to them? Now-a-days adverting a message on radio or television is fairly affordable and many radio and television station sales representatives will bend over backwards to get a signature on the dotted line. Radio advertising is good as long as the right target market is in the right place at the right time. Television advertising is really struggling due to the fact that many viewers can simply remove the commercials using a personal video record (PVR) or they have the option to stand up and walk away while the advert break is on and make a coffee.

Case in point – recently I was visiting a friend who has a medium sized electrical business and he was struggling to gain a foothold in the awareness market. New leads were almost drying up and his phone was collecting cobwebs at an alarming rate. He had just spent a fair whack of hard earned dosh on radio advertising having been told that clients would be knocking down his door. When those prospective customers decided not to smash his door down after nearly four months of radio advertising (his target market was 35+ females 38+males – home owners etc) he began to panic and decided to spend some cash on television adverts. His adverts were great and really well made plus played at good times (during local news at 5:30). Once again his phone did not vibrate nor ring off the hook as promised and the panic made a second appearance. 10 months later …

Ironically the day my friend and I were discussing his advertising options and getting ready to head to the gym, he pulled out a water bottle and filled it with water. Trust me, this water bottle was alive when Noah built the Ark and had seen better days. As he was about to grab his stuff, he looked at the bottle and proclaimed ‘oh *know (*changed word) I was meant to call my insurance company and add the new car to the policy”. The phone number and website including logo was custom printed on the side of the water bottle and the print had fared much better than the bottle. That’s when it dawned on him (I had mentioned this option about three times by this point) to try investing in promotional products such as the water bottle and mugs, caps etc. $1200.00 dollars (a small investment compared to past ventures with other forms of advertising) later and with 1000+ custom printed water bottles in hand his two daughters and a friend gave away many of the water bottles at various school fairs and markets (with permission of course).

Within a short period of time my electrician friend received two jobs and was then referred for another. The promotional products had achieved what the radio and television advertising could not. Now he mails out magnets, provides thermo mugs, water bottles etc. and finds his investments continually pay him back 10 fold. Great thing about this form of advertising is his promotional products continue to advertise  his business including website and phone number long after the product has left home base.

It must be noted that you need to purchase the right promotional product for the job and also have a plan in place on how you will get the product out to the desired target market. Simply buying promotional products and letting them sit in a back room would be worse than buying airtime on a radio station and filling 30 seconds with the sound of wind! Do it right, do your research and ask for a solution that will fit with your overall business advertising strategy. AAC customer service representatives have the experience to offer the right solution for your requirements. Don’t just advertise now… advertising again and again, well into the future  with very little outlay!

Posted By AAC on Friday 2nd August 2013 @ 11:06:26

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