Modern Friendship Bracelets Are Cool!

Friendship Bracelet Wrist Band

You would have heard of them before, probably even worn one. Often we think of the friendship bracelet as a wrist band wore by teenagers but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Now-a-days the humble friendship bracelets that once were comprised of brightly coloured embroidery materials have been modernised with many proud wearers customising their wrist bands with friends names, messages, favourite sayings, and even photos – yes a photo can be placed on a wristband! The friendship wristband bracelet was and still is exchanged all over the planet as symbols of peace and of course friendship.
When I was a little tacker (jokes aside about me hanging out with Noah and his Ark thank you) the friendship bracelet was worn by friends, mainly girls, and trust me, they were not the nicest looking wrist band to have on your wrist. They were decorative wristbands made from either cotton, silk, linen, yarn, or even hemp thread. As I remember it, the friendship wristband bracelet  was handmade and was normally worn until it basically fell off the wrist, mainly depending on how well the bracelet was made.
Let me now move head first into the present and introduce the coolest friendship bracelets of now! The funny thing about the modern wrist band is that everyone, young and old, wears wristbands now.. not just 12 year old girls. While a wristband can be used for many applications including identification, the friendship bracket is alive and well, and probably on a wrist near you.
While the silicone friendship wrist band is the perfect branding tool (that’s another post) its making its mark as a friendship or remembrance bracelet. You can custom print (almost) anything on a silicon wristband (within reason related to size restrictions), but the sky really is the limit when it comes to custom printing a silicon wristband. AAC recently custom printed 150 silicon wristbands with a happy birthday message whilst a fundraising committee purchased 30,000 wristbands promoting a very important message (the wristbands were a big hit with the wearers).
So next time you hear the words ‘friendship bracelet’ the hemp multicoloured wrist band of old may come to mind, but what’s available now will really amaze you.  

Posted By AACID on Friday 21st June 2013 @ 11:16:32

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