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Australia is well and truly in in the midst of its festival season, with Big Day Out fast approaching, as well as East Coast Bluesfest, Splendour in the Grass, Groovin the Moo, Soundwave, CMC Rocks the Hunter, Future Festival and many more. Not to mention three very successful events recently with Falls Festival, Summafieldayze and Woodford Folk Festival

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Every festival uses wristbands to identify their patrons and to categorise them, but what are the most popular 4 types of wristband used for festivals and what determines the decision to use them?


Wristband type 1: Woven wristbands

Woven wristbands are the best solution for any event running for multiple days. Woven bands are very secure, and non-transferrable, with several slide lock/closure/toggle options available to an event. The largest multiday events in Australia will always buy woven wristbands, and most will also incorporate one or several additional security options such as metallic threads, sequential numbering, coloured slide locks etc.


IDEAL FOR: Multiday events, events needing high security levels


Wristband type 2: Tyvek wristbands

The favourite wristband for events either taking place on a single day, or where budget is a major concern, is Australian-Made Tyvek Wristbands (available solely from AAC ID Solutions). Costing less than 10c/wristband at higher quantities, Tyvek is made from a synthetic material but is often referred to as paper. When custom printed, Tyvek wristbands provide a bright (check out our fluro / neon colours) and easily visible means of identification at festivals.


IDEAL FOR: Single day events, events with a tight budget


Wristband type 3: Plastic wristbands
Consider plastic wristbands when you are running a single OR multiday event but when you require something a little more substantial than a Tyvek wristband, but cheaper than a woven wristband! Plastic wristbands are secured via a single use clip, and are printed on with UV inks to prevent smearing.Often called L-shape wristbands due to their shape, plastic wristbands come in a wide assortment of colours.


IDEAL FOR: VIP's, events wanting something unique


Wristband type 4: Data-driven wristbands

In 2013, we are seeing more and more requirements for data-drive wristbands. There are numerous options in this regard, from digitally printed plastic wristbands (as used by the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix and Moto GP) where each wristband has a unique barcode, serial number AND indicated what section a corporate guest is seated (it's a wearable ticket really). Additional options include Photo Image Adhesive Wristbands which can incorporate all of the above technology, but are closed with an adhesive just like Tyvek wristbands.


Finally, RFID wristbands! RFID wristbands can be used for automated access control, social media integration and even cashless transactions, depending on the system in place.


IDEAL FOR: Events wanting to leverage their wristbands as tickets or to further engage with patrons


For more information on any of these types of wristband, talk to AAC ID Solutions. We supply every event mentioned above and would love to supply yours!

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